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ETHICON Suture, Coated VICRYL, Precision Point - Reverse Cutting, PS-3, 18", Size 5-0.


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Ethicon Coated VICRYL Suture, Precision Point - Reverse Cutting, Absorbable, PS-3 16mm 3/8 Circle, Undyed Braided 18" = 45cm, Size: 5-0, 12/box. MFID: J500G


Product Description:
  • Product Code: J500G
  • Absorbable Surgical Suture
  • Ethicon Coated VICRYL Suture
  • Precision Point - Reverse Cutting
  • Needle: PS-3 16mm 3/8 Circle
  • Material: Undyed Braided
  • Length: 18" = 45cm
  • Size: 5-0
  • Quantity: 12/box

Disclaimer: Expired products Not For Human Use. For Bench Testing and research use only.The item listed above is expired and may be used for educational, training, and non-clinical research purposes only. Any product information appearing below, including the product indication statement, pertains to an in date item only.